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metal electric_cabinet_2_abc metal electric_cabinet


- Made of cold-rolled steel.

- Steel frame. Optional: Aluminum frame

and cast aluminum corner.

- Coated with polyester powder paint.

- Motion of the door more than 90°. 

- Used indoors.

- Manufactured according

NEMA4 and IP66 [NEMA 250 - 2008]

FIAA3000 - Metal electric cabinet steel frame 

87" x 34" x 30" [ A x B x C]




aluminum frame

Aluminum frame

cast aluminum corner

Cast aluminum frame



We manufactured under your specifications and according to volume.


pc_metal_cabinet_ pc_metal_cabinet_

Self-supporting metal cabinet

83" x 118" x 98"

[ A x B x C]

 PC metal cabinet

73" x 32" x 24"

[A x B x C]


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